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Metin2 Mobile
  • Release Date

    Aproximate date for the game release

    Hello dear players!

    The game is under development, it will be available in December 2018. The game will not be 100% complete.  He will continue to advance in development in 2019.

    Probably in the beginning you will be able to grow up to the maximum level 30 and more maps, monsters, missions and levels will be added in the future.


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    Bringing the Game to You

    Smartphones are advancing in technology with incredible speed and the gaming on mobile devices the same way.

    We are here to bring your favorite games to your mobile device

    PopuGames 2018

    PopuGames is developing mobile games since 2014.

    Our goal is to develop the mobile version of the top games on the PC.

    Next Project

    Now we have in the project developing the mobile version of Metin2.

    Metin2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) originally developed by Ymir Entertainment (now owned by Webzen Games) and originally released in Korea, in 2004.


    Check out my gameplay videos and my reviews of the latest Test version game! Be sure to follow me on social media to find out when I will be streaming next.

    Dragon Coins Creator

    Item Shop

    Metin2 Mobile have an Item Shop where you can buy premium items with Dragon Coins.

    Item Shop is found in the DC Creator application.

    Item Premium

    Premium items are rare items which you can get in Events or buy  from Item Shop with Dragon Coins.

    Dragon coins

    Dragon Coins are virtual coins that you can get by watching videos for a few seconds in DC Creator.

    DC Creator

    DC Creator is the Metin 2 Mobile pilot application where Item Shop is found and where you can create Dragon Coins.


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    The game is under develop. 

    When a new version is available , here comes a new button for download.

    Until the game is released ,  you can create Dragon Coins for the Item Shop in DC Creator.


    Release Date ?

    The game will be published in 2018. Most likely at the end of the year.

    Will it be the same as on the PC version?

    Yes, it will be 90% similar to the one on your PC.

    Download from Google Play?

    If we get copyright, it will be on Google Play. 

    Until then it can be downloaded from this site.

    Available on iOS ?

    The first time will only be available on Android.

    In the future there are chances to launch the iOS version.

    PvP or PvM ?

    It is possible to release 2 versions.

    M2M PvP

    M2M PvM

    I want to ask you a question, i can ?

    Yes, you can.

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